the digital shift

We strive for digital perfection through the implementation of digital solutions and services.

Difrent delivery
  • Digital and Technology Landscape assessments
  • Digital outcome delivery
  • Digital Change Programmes


IT & Digital Landscape assessments

Reviewing Digital Offerings; applying tools such as Wardley mapping

ITIL service management maturity assessments

Service design blueprint and modelling

Current and aspirational customer journey mapping/development

Delivery audits, building delivery plans and prioritised product roadmaps

Digital outcome delivery

We design and build user-centric services using Agile and Lean methodologies, from Discovery and Alpha through to live service operation

  • Designing digital services from initial discovery through alpha, beta and ultimately live. For Public Sector clients we develop in line with the Government Digital Service Standards.
  • User centred design - defining and building Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Minimum Acceptable Product (MAP) - Minimum Acceptable products are designed to remove pain points as well as offer some features to delight users

Delivery Manager/Product Owner as a service - our highly skilled delivery team can be sourced to run your digital delivery outcomes Business case development - helping organisations to explain and gain approval of Agile delivery programmes within a waterfall organisation often using the five case model

  • Prototyping and testing with users and stakeholders
  • Transitioning services from physical infrastructure to cloud
  • Hosting and supporting ‘live’ operational services while implementing new functions
  • delivering solutions which take into account the varying needs of different user groups, including those with low IT literacy or accessibility needs
  • Delivering using ‘Agile’ methodology

live service support
  • We support Live Service operation and provide continual development (DevOps)
Leaving a positive legacy
  • Scrumban methodology for transparent delivery
  • Team mindset and co-delivery
  • Outcome based multidisciplinary teams
  • Blended squads with customer team members
  • Agile ways of working, coaching and knowledge share
  • Digital service design covering infrastructure, back-end and front technologies, with delivery and transition in the context of modernising/replacing technology services in a secure manner
  • Creative, innovative solutions which offer longevity and flexibility to respond to future changes
  • Architecting and developing scalable services using cloud technologies, service-oriented architecture, opensource components, microservices, security and integration
  • Members of the Open Data Institute (ODI)
  • Identifying and planning for integration with backend and legacy applications
  • Delivery following the Digital by Default standards
  • Aligned with TOGAF (the Open Group Architectural Framework) standards